Custom Print Face Masks


** Limited edition Christmas masks now available - click the Santa hat! Only available in the one style in green.
Great gift idea. 🌲🎅🏼

Custom Print Face Masks are available in adult size only.

Custom Print Face Masks are printed, cut and hand-sewn in Sydney.

Due to very high demand, delivery time may take 3-4 weeks.

Order by the 31st of October 2020 ! 

  • Buy 2 Custom Print Face Masks for $70 - use discount code: DOUBLETROUBLE at check out.  
    -> Please do not use for this for only one mask order - this only applies to 2 masks.

  • Please upload a high res, good quality photograph of your pet facing the camera. We will do our best to fix, however we are not responsible for low quality images. One pet per mask!

  • Custom Print Face Masks are made according to DHHS guidelines with three layers – top layer is 100% polyester; middle filter pocket layer is 100% cotton and bottom face-layer is 100% unprinted cotton.


  • Custom Print Face Masks are washable and reusable.


  • Before wearing, we recommend you wash your Custom Print Face Mask in hot water. Hand-wash or use a laundry wash-bag to prolong the life of your Custom Print Face Mask. Air dry only.


  • For extra durability, Custom Print Face Masks are finished with top stitching.


  • Adjustable elastic ear loops can be tied to fit all sizes.

Once tied, we recommend tucking ends of elastic and the knot within the side-pockets of mask to secure and avoid fraying. Elastic used may be flat or rounded. 

* Custom Print Face Mask pictured features @DaveTheBeagle

Please read important information and disclaimer below.

Petflair makes no warranties, either express or implied, that this face mask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or other diseases.
This Petflair cloth face mask is not a surgical face mask or a replacement for medical grade protective equipment.
This mask has not undergone any testing procedures.
Our masks are made in Australia according to the Department Of Health and Human Services guidelines. 
Please follow Department Of Health guidelines regarding how to wear and use a cloth face mask. 
The Mask is washable and reusable.
Wash mask before first use in hot water. Air dry only.
The elastic ear loops are adjustable – tuck excess elastic into side pocket once adjusted.
If wearing a mask causes breathing difficulty, distress, irritation or other concerns, speak to a healthcare professional
This mask is not recommended for children under 12.
This mask is for human use only - do not put on animals.
Please place mask out of reach of animals and children when not being used.
Do not sleep with mask on.
Mask is not a toy.


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