Our Story

It all started as a bit of fun, to be honest...

(...and it still is!)

Tyler, fresh from competing for the Australian Water Polo Team at Rio, got some customised swimsuits for his dog-obsessed friends.

Said dog-obsessed friends

They wore the His + Her matching suits with pride and soon began receiving A LOT of positive attention! Here was the small start of a BIG idea.

Some VERY early prototypes

Tyler reached out to his creative friend Charlie who had grown tired of working for ad agencies and loved dogs, and they started making plans to create another run of Petflair.

Our first photoshop mock-up of the bright Petflair style

But what’s a cool idea without a worthwhile purpose? The boys then reached out to Britt, a HUGE animal advocate and founder of Pound Paws charity. She loved the idea and immediately jumped on board. Petflair now directs 25% of profits to Pound Paws so we found our greater purpose (other than providing awesome customized products for doting pet owners of course!).

The faces behind putting your pets' faces on your behinds

The BIG question: had our loving friends exaggerated the confidence in our idea? We decided then, to use Kickstarter to see if people reeeaalllllyyy loved Petflair. We filmed a fun little video and photoshoot in an amazing Sydney location.

Our original Kickstarter launch video

The hunch proves a success, and our silly little video garned over 15 million views online, blowing our Kickstarter target out of the water!

We are a little obsessed with Bailey the Bernese Mountain Dog, our lead actress in the Kickstarer video!

30 days later, we had discovered a LOT of mad people out there (from 32 countries around the world) shared our love for pets, and wanted to support pets in animal shelters.

And so began the story of Petflair! We are constantly looking for new and innovative products for our range and love hearing from customers and fans alike. After all, YOUR pets are the stars of the show!

That Petflair feeling


The Petflair Team :)

More on our charity partner, Pound Paws.

Pound Paws is a charity born in Australia, which provides a modern approach to the overall re-homing process of pets that have been abandoned in Australian pounds & rescue centres.

Pound Paws operates an online search engine, which allows users to search for their dream pet, by breed, age, size or lifestyle match.

The charity also hosts Dog Day events each month around Australia, as another measure to re-home rescue dogs, with a large variety of dogs available for adoption, fun pet market stalls, live music and celeb support! We often surprise guests with a Petflair fashion paw-rade ;)

Beyond that, Pound Paws educates the public about the seriousness of death row in pet shelters, as well as works alongside rescue groups and shelters.

For every purchase made via Petflair, we are helping get more pets online and increasing their adoption chances, as well as providing resources & assistance to pounds and rescue centres around Australia (and soon the world).

Over 200,000 pets get euthanized each year in Australia alone, and it is Pound Paws mission to reduce this number and provide a modern link between new pet owners & rescue pets.

Visit the Pound Paws website